The two Gladiators of 263 Sqdn. continued their patrol and encountered a pair of Ju87Rs of 2./StG1at Beisfjord. They managed to shot down one Ju 87 "Stuka"

The crew were released again when the allied forces left Narvik. Poser and Hatlapa survived the war. Schulte and Henkel, lost their lives in Italy 1944. They are both rests at Futa Cemetery.

Bukkevatnet 8.July 2005
© kjell sørensen 2005

Heinkel He 111H-4 Bukkevatnet, Narvik
1./I./KG 26 (Löwengeschwader) 1H+BH 02.06 1940

At 15:00 a formation of twelve Heinkels of Kampfgeschwader 26 were intercepted by two patrolling Gloster Gladiators over Ballangen. The Heinkel bomber was attacked, caught fire and force landed at Bukkevatnet. Flight Lieutenant Alvin Williams and Sergeant Herbert Horatio Kitchener shared this victory. Oberfeldwebel Otto Poser and his crew: Feldwebel Hans-Heinrich Hatlapa, Unteroffizier Bernard Schulte and Uffz. Franz Henkel were captured by French troops and became POW's.

Fw.H.H. Hatlapa
photo via Max Hatlapa