Focke Wulf Fw 190 F-8 Bukkekeila, Tanahorn Finnmark

13./IV./JG5 W.Nr.580 694 White1 Fw.Gustav Scharwächter(KIA) 24.10 1944

Uffz.Heinz Halstrick and Fw.Scharwächter took off from Berlevåg at 13:00 to protect a German convoy under heavy attack by Russian airplanes. They were soon entangled in a fierce dog fight by a large force of Russian Il-2, Jak 9 and P-40's. Fw.Scharwächter was finally shot down by Kap.Pavel Ivanovich Zakharov of 78. IAP. Uffz.Heinz Halstrick managed to return to base. Scharwächter was later buried in Germany.

The Fw's of Berlevåg scrambled three times this day, to protect this last convoy leaving Kirkenes from the advancing Russians. First take off at 07:07. On the second take off at 10:45 Fw.Gustav Scharwächter managed to shoot down a Boston before landing at Berlevåg at 11:00.

Far left: What's left of the BMW 801 engine. The remains of Scharwächter's signal pistol, a Walther 27mm was also found at the site. The engine was removed from the site only a few days after our visit.

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