Douglas Boston A-20G 40 DO Buetjern, Finnmark

2./36.MTAP VVS SF serial No.43-21667 code"26" 29.10 1944

A force of 15 Boston bombers, escorted by 10 fighters, were attacked by German fighters of JG 5 after an attack against a German convoy in Tanafjord. The a/c received several hits. One of the engines started burning and the pilot JLt.Viktor Dmitrievich Ladygin was badly wounded. He decided to make a forced landing on the lake.
The crew: JLt.Valentin Petrovich Kozlov, JSgt.V D Ivanov and Fhr.D M Pronin bailed out and landed safely in Kongsfjord valley.
After a few days they were reunited with Russians troops in Jakobselv area. The pilot was found dead in the burning wreckage.

Source: arcticle by Tor Edgar Olsen

The Boston bomber was claimed by Fw.Heinz Halstrick of 13/JG 5, based at Berlevåg airport. He was flying a FW 190 F-8 (white 5)

Below: One of the American Wright Gr.2600-A5 engines of the Boston.

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