A propeller blade from his plane serves as headstone at Kindt's grave at Sæbø.

He was probably shot down by Mustang pilot F/Lt.Bradford.

The Engine has also been taken care of.

The Expedition car. Our faithful Toyota Hi Ace, photographed at a break in Eksingedalen.

Photos September 2001

Second visit to the wrecksite in 30.7 2005. The climb uphill is very steep and a little bit scary. Take care! Fantastic view at the top of mountain Saksa
©kjell sørensen 30.7 2005
Bf 109 G-14

Messerschmitt Bf 109G-6 Saksa Breifonndal, Hjørundfjord

10./III./JG 5 (Jafü Norwegen) Black 1+ WNr.13992 Uffz.Wolfgang Kindt (KIA) 16.02 1945

Uffz.Wolfgang Kindt came from Vienna Austria (KIA) 16.2 1945. He is buried at Sæbø Churchyard. JG 5 lost five Messerschmitts in this area on this date. One at Klokksegga in Urkedal. The third one at Grøtdalstindane. Another (Black 12+ Wnr.782249 Lt.Werner Heinicke) ditched in the Hjørundfjord. There was also a take off accident at Gossen the same day. Gefr.Georg Ecke in Black 3+ (WNr.782180) was seriously wounded and spent the rest of the war at hospital.

Bf 109 G-2