Messerschmitt Bf 109 E-1 Botnevatnet, Vest-Agder

5./II./ JG 77 WNr.??? Black 3 Oberleutnant Edgar Struckmann (KiA) 22.06 1940

He was flying with a scwarm led by Oblt.Berthold Jung when his aircraft suddently hit a mountain side in the vicinity of Flekkefjord. It was heavy fog in the area that day. He is buried at Alfaset Cemetery (Block A, Reihe 8, Grab 49) in Oslo.

Oblt.Struckman in front of his Bf 109 E-3 with 20mm MG FF wing cannons.
This Bf 109 is probably a D-1, or B-1
©bjørn endresen
©photo via halvor jochimsen