Upper left: Main crash site near Blomstervatnet. Wreckage was also found at Skardberget on the other side of Karpelva

2005. Left: This was all we could find of the aircraft on our first trip. It is probably the compass housing. We found it in one of the many trenches in the area. We didn't find the main crash site either.

17.8 2005 © kjell sørensen/morten moe
First visit 2005
Second visit 2006
Possible reading: 5385 R
A seat
12.08 2006 © kjell sørensen/morten moe

Junkers Ju 87 R-4 Blomstervatnet/Skardberget Finnmark

IV.(St.)/LG 1 WNr.6312* Oblt.Hans Stöhr and Gfr.Hugo Diekschneider (both KIA). 22.10 1941

Crashed east of Kirkenes, near Tårnet road. Oblt. Hans Stöhr is buried at Botn Cemetery, Rognan.
* Probably wrong. WNr.6312 with Stöhr and Diekschneider crashed 1.5km NE of Kaunispää in Finland.

Third visit 2.August 2021 kjell sørensen