Fieseler Storch Fi-156 C-1 Bjørnfjell, Narvik Nordland

3.Gebirg.Div. BD+PX WNr.4306 26.05 1940

At 22.00 this Fi-156, flown by Hauptm. Kless crash landed west of Bjørnfjell station. Pilot unhurt.

© tore eggan

Some weeks earlier, on 4th. May an other Storch (BD+PY WNr.4307) landed on the frozen lake Kattjaure, 4 km south of Riksgränsen station, due to some minor engine trouble.
He was passing lake Kattjaure when he saw a group of men waving their arms at him. He made a pass and landed on the Norwegian side of the lake and taxied the ski-equipped Storch across the border. Stopped the engine and walked towards the men.
Soon he realized they were Swedish military troops. He rushed for his aircraft, but the Swedish soldiers forced him to leave the plane before he could get started. The pilot, Stabsingenieur A. Werner was interned at Kronobergshed.
A month later he returned back to Germany along with three officers in a Heinkel 111.
info Knut Larsson

BD+PY was flown to Warnemünde, Germany on 2nd. September 1940 with Swedish code SE-AKU
info Vesa Viero

The sad remains of the white painted Fieseler BD+PX at Bjørnfjell. The wreckage was also observed by Swedish soldiers, indicating a landing very close to the border.

© hannu valtonen
© hannu valtonen
Hptm.Kless' Storch just after the rough landing.