Heinkel He 111 H-3 River Bøvra, Bjorli Innlandet

7./III./KG 26 1H+AT 27.4 1940

The Heinkel bomber took from Ålborg, Denmark at 1030.Their main target was to attack the main road and the railway between Åndalsnes and Dombås. They were shot down by 3 Skuas while attacking "Flamingo" in Åndalsnes. All survived the rough crashlanding at Bjorli. Oblt. Hans- Ludwig Steinbach and Uffz.Willi Liermann became POW's and were brought to England. The wounded Fw. Hans Giezen and Gefr. Kurt Sipps were brought to hospital at Åndalsnes, they were later reunited with their own forces.
The Heinkel was probably shot down by Lt.W.P. Lucy and P/O A.G. Johnson of 803 Squadron FAA, operating from HMS "Glorious".

:08.07 2003 ©kjell sørensen
foto: M.Moe og K.Sørensen 8.July 2003
This was all we managed to find on our visit in July 2003.