WARCRIME. The 14 survivors were executed on direct orders of Hitler the next day:

Lt.Alex Charles Allen. Sgt.George Knowles. Sapper Ernest William Bailey. Driver John Thomas Vernon Belfield. Sapper Howell Bevan. Lance Corporal Frederick William Bray. Lance Corporal Alexander Campbell. Sapper Thomas William Faulkner. Sapper Charles Henry Grundy. Sapper Herbert J Legate. Sapper Lesle Smallman. Sapper James May Stephen. Corporal John George Llewellyn Thomas. Sapper Gerald Stanley Williams.

Above: Linzee at the crash site of the Horsa glider. Crash site of the Halifax in the background. Small pieces of wood of the Horsa found at the spot. Crash site of the towing Halifax marked in the background

The 14 survivors were taken here to Slettebø camp where they were executed. Their bodies were buried secretly in the sand at Brusand beach.

Halifax W7801 crash site at Jonsoknuden Hestadfjellet
© morten moe 25.2 2006
© morten moe 25.2 2006

Airspeed as 51 Horsa Mk I Benkjafjellet, Helleland

"Operation Freshman" serial HS114 19.11 1942

The purpose of this raid was to destroy the heavy water production plant at Vemork. Two "Horsa" gliders towed by Halifax bombers took off from RAF Skitten. The second glider crashed at Fylgjesdal. The two Halifaxes were on special detachment to 38 Wing. Only one Halifax (A- Apple) returned. W7801 crashed into mountain Jonsoknuten at Helleland. All the crew of W7801 were killed in the crash.

Both glider pilots were killed in the crash at Benkjafjellet. One of the soldiers died shortly after. P/O Norman Arthur Davies(Australia) P/O Herbert John Fraser(Australia) Driver Ernest Pendlebury, Royal Engineers. Three of the soldiers were badly wounded. The remaining eleven soldiers were unhurt. It was probably iceing that caused the crash of the glider and tow aircraft.