Ju 87R was a long range version with additional fuel tanks. The A/C was employed for anti-shipping and other duties.

Another Stuka made a forced landing at Fagernes/ Beisfjord the same day. A5+DK of 2.StG 1 was shot down by a Hurricane of 46 Sqdn.RAF (Sgt.Taylor). The Stuka crew (Ltn.KlausKübel/ Uffz.Rudolf Tribulowski) was taken prisoner by Polish troops and shot dead shortly after.

A third Junkers crash landed at Abisko, Sweden: Ju 87B-1 A5+IL (WNr.0207) of 3./StG 1, believed damaged by f/Lt.Williams and Sgt.Kitchener of No.263 Sqdn. Fw.Hans Ott and Sonderfhr.Günther Brack were both interned for a while.

The spinner. The serial is painted on the inside.
Beisfjord Narvik ©kjell sørensen. 31.July 2004
Ltn.Klaus Kübel's Ju 87 A5+DK crashed at Beisfjord. Photo via Tore Eggan

Junkers Ju 87 R-1 (Stuka) Skamdalen, Beisfjord Nordland

2./I./StG1 WNr.5428 A5+AK(or DM) Obltn.Heinz Böhne, Uffz.Horst Schamp 02.06 1940

Attacked and shot down by Gladiators from 263 Sqdn. after a bombing raid on Narvik. The Stuka, with its port under wing tank on fire, crashed soon after in a valley at Beisfjord. Alvin Williams(N5905) and Herbert H Kitchener shared this victory. The bodies of Staffelkapitän Böhne and his gunner were recovered later by the Germans.

Ju 87 A5+IL landed here