Ilyushin IL-4/ DB-3F Vinni, Sør-Varanger Finnmark

1./9.GvMTAP VVS SF SNo 119/18 17.08 1944

Shot down at 09:59 by German AA-fire, during an attack on Kirkenes. The burning bomber sircled over the area. SLt. Timofej Ivanovich Mosin managed to parachute and became POW. JLt. Ivan Ivanovich Pozdnjakov, SSgt. I.V. Popov and Sgt. V.A. Emeljanenko went down with the bomber aircraft and lost their lives. source: Rune Rautio.
The three crew members were buried near by the crash site. Their remains were removed in 1961
One of the two M 88B engines.
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