Pictures from the crash site at The North-Western side of Ausetvatnet.15.November 2003
Crash site of Halifax W1020 is just a few hundred meters away from this spot.
One of the Merlin engines
©kjell sørensen 11June 2005

New visit at the crash site 11 June 2005. Nothing has been removed from the crash site since last visit.

Re visited the site again on 23rd. May 2009. Nothing removed as far as we could see.

Avro Lancaster MkI Ausetvatnet, Borås Nord-Trøndelag

97.Squadron RAF L7572 OF-L 27-28.4 1942

The crew of Lancaster L7572 took off at approx 2020 hrs. from RAF Lossiemouth on the North East coast of Scotland, to participate in an attack on the German Battleship Tirpitz which was moored at Fættenfjord in Norway.They got hit by AA fire. Caught fire, spiralled to the ground and exploded with the loss of all crew onboard near Ausetvatnet in North-Trøndelag.

Pilot F/Lt. John Goodsir MacKid. 2nd Pilot P/O Ronald Benjamin Underwood. Navigator P/O Thomas NevilleTree. W/Op Air Gunner Sgt. William Keay Falconer Marshal. Front Gunner Sgt. Eric Mcdermott. Mid Gunner Sgt. Raymond Day. Tail Gunner Sgt.Frederick Bennett. All are buried at Stavne Cemetery.

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