photos: Stein Grønvik

Junkers Ju.88 A-17 Andøya, Nordland

Lufttorpedostaffel 1./I.KG 26 1H+LH WNr.883924 10.02 1945

The Ju 88 with only one engine running, made a forced landing on a bog at island Andøya, after an unsuccessful attack on convoy JW 64. The crew survived the landing with minor injuries. Lt.Gerhard Schäfer. Obergefreiter Gries. Uffz.Herbert Hoppe. Obgfr.Richard Gattner.The convoy sailed from the Clyde on 3. February, bound for Russia. The 26 merchant ships were escorted by the carriers "Nairana", "Campania" and the cruiser "Bellona". They were attacked south of island Bjørnøya by 30 Junkers from Bardufoss. A total of six Ju's failed to return.
Losses & damages of I. and II.KG 26 during the attack on convoy JW 64 10.February:
Ju 88 A-17 1H+BH W.Nr.300069 Ju 88 A-17 1H+HH W.Nr.801600 Ju 88 A-17 1H+LH W.Nr.883924 Ju 88 A-17 1H+AK W.Nr.884626 Ju 88 A-17 1H+FK W.Nr.885565 Ju 88 A-17 1H+NL W.Nr.?????? Ju 88 A-17 1H+LL W.Nr.?????? Ju 88 A-17 1H+EN W.Nr.550965 Ju 88 A-17 1H+HP W.Nr.301449 Ju 88 A-17 1H+FP W.Nr.886752
© kjell sørensen 8.7 2005
© kjell sørensen 8.7 2005
During the attacks 7.February KG 26 lost five Ju 88's:
Ju 88 A- 4 1H+HF W.Nr.886682 Ju 88 A-17 1H+AM W.Nr.550951 Ju 88 A-17 1H+EP W.Nr.004578 Ju 88 A-17 1H+MP W.Nr.141279 Ju 88 A-17 1H+ ?? W.Nr.142102
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Lt.Gerhard Schäfer
Lt. Gerhard Schäfer, Uffz. Otto Bauer, Fw. Hubert Hoppe and
Ogefr. Richard Gattner lost their lives a few weeks later.
They were shot down by Mosquitos (RNAF 333Sqdn) on 21.04 1945 and crashed into the North sea.