The attack was launched from the Fleet Aircraft Carriers Indefatigable, Formidable and Furious. The strike force consisted of 33 Barracudas, 10 Hellcats, 24 Corsairs and 10 Fireflies. Tirpitz received two hits. Two Hellcats and three Corsairs were lost.One Corsair ditched close to HMS Formidable on return flight.

Corsair II JT309 Sub Lt.Clive Eustace Woodward of 1841 Sqdn.FAA (HMS Formidable) RNZNVR, was hit by AA fire and ditched near the entrance of Kåfjord. His body was recovered a few days later.

Left: Smoke cannister and bomb crater found on top of mountain Sakobadne. Probably a 726 kg AP bomb dropped by one of the Barracudas.Might also be bombs(1000kg) from a Russian attack of five Ilyushin Il-4 bombers on 10.11 1943
Bomb crater
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Sub Lt.Edward Windsor Thornberry, age 21 HMS Formidable.
Sub Lt.John Howard French , HMS Formidable.
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Tirpitz Museum
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Druce, Moe & Sørensen on tour 21.08 2006

Grumman "Hellcat I" Kaafjord, Alta Finnmark

1840 Sqdn.FAA JV203 Lt Cdr.Archibald Ronald Richardson RNZNVR (KIA) 24.08 1944

Operation "Goodwood III" Attack on the German battleship Tirpitz in Kåfjord. JV203 was a part of a 77 strong strike force.
The A/C took off from "HMS Indefatigable" Richardsons aircraft was hit by AA fire when diving onto Tirpitz. Some parts of the Hellcat were said to hit the bridge of Tirpitz.